Congresswoman Cori Bush is running for re-election in Missouri’s 1st Congressional District.  She continues to reject compromise on issues such as infrastructure and support for Israel and democracy and continues to advocate for defunding police and undermining public safety.  She is not representative of the moderate views and temperament of most 1st District voters.  Because of the leftward shift of the Democratic Party, she is likely to win her August primary even though she is out of step with most voters in the 1st District.

Blake Ashby represents the moderate majority of Missouri’s 1st Congressional District.  A resident of the District for over 30 years, he will bring the same thoughtful, reasoned approach that enabled Congressman Lacy Clay to be such a successful advocate for the 1st District.  We need progress, not polarization.  Learn more about Blake at

U.S. Senate

In 2024, Senator Josh Hawley is running for re-election. Senator Hawley unabashedly supported attempts to overturn the 2020 election and continues to be a divisive, negative force in Washington. In a survey done last year, 70% of Missouri voters said they would be open to voting for an independent or third-party Senate candidate to replace Senator Hawley. The most viable alternative to him in conservative Missouri is Jared Young, an independent candidate. 

Jared represents the moderate majority in the state. Over 40% of registered voters in Missouri don’t affiliate with either major party, a number that is growing as the major parties cater to their most extreme supporters. Those independent voters have historically “leaned” left or right, voting for Republican or Democratic candidates in the past. But now they have a reasonable alternative – Jared Young. Check him out at


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